The tomb is empty.
He has RISEN!

Join us as we celebrate our RISEN SAVIOR! What Victory!
At the end of the service, we will take communion to celebrate the union that we have because of Christ. Choose a beverage and bread that you have available ahead of time and join us.

If you would like to enjoy a time of worship before the Sermon is available, JD Dulinsky has prepared an Easter Power Praise Playlist.

Sermon Series:
I Feel Your Pain: Victory!
John 20

This morning the Easter Service will be available by 11 am. Remember this is a recorded service, so depending on the device you are watching from, you are be able to join in at a time that is convenient for you and your family. Also you are able to rewind to start from the beginning as needed.
FBC YouTube Channel

As you gather with your family to watch the Sermon today, take a pic and post on FBC Facebook page or FBC Instagram page. Wave and say Happy Easter!

In His Service,
Pastor John

Good Friday


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