At Frontline Bible Church, we know serving others changes the lives of both the server and the served in astounding ways. We believe serving provides opportunities for individuals to use the unique way God has created them to Be the Church and fulfill their function in the Body of Christ.
We have many different options for serving —some highly visible — some behind the scenes. No matter how God has wired you — introvert or extrovert — there is a ministry specifically designed by God with you in mind. If you are interested in learning more about yourself and how God has wired you for service, or are interested in serving at Frontline Bible Church, please follow the link (Volunteer Application). Someone will be in contact with you shortly to help you with this process. We praise God for all he is doing in you and will do through you as you take this step of faith!
For information on the serving opportunities at Frontline Bible Church, see the list below.

Serve Opportunities
  • Nursery
  • Children’s worship K- 2nd gr
  • Children’s Worship- 3yr- Pre K
  • Kids Bible Class 3yr. -5th grade
  • Frontline Youth
  • Frontline Young Adults
  • Frontline Missions
  • Adult Bible Class
  • Mission Engagement
  • Frontline Men
  • Frontline Women
  • Jail Ministry
  • Worship Arts
  • Marketing
  • IT Team
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Finance/ Treasurer
  • Security
  • Yard and Grounds
  • Building Manager/ Custodial
  • Care Team
  • Funeral Meals
  • Connection Events
  • Coffee Ministry
  • Front Porch

How are you serving on your frontline? Encourage the body and share how you are serving or have been served.


  1. Dave and Debbie Grube

    After a brief conversation outside with my neighbor, I discovered that she was recovering from COVID-19 and her husband was suffering from a hip injury and could barely walk. She expressed concern for getting things done around the house since she was still recovering and her husband could not move around. So my wife and I along with our son Taylor decided to take an afternoon and rake the yard and work around their house. The cool thing was, that after about 30 minutes more neighbors came over and joined in and we had that yard in tip top shape in no time. The husband was so overcome with emotion that when he came to the door to thank us he was in tears and could barely talk. Our goal was to be a blessing to them….but instead we walked away being the ones that received the biggest blessing.

  2. Bob & Vicki Dolsen

    Another idea for the senior community… give your senior neighbors 3 color pieces of paper: Green, Yellow, Red. Green means, “I’m okay.” Yellow means, “I need something from the store, or need something” Red means, “I need help.” Ask them to communicate with you by putting the appropriate color of paper in the window each day so you know how they are doing at a quick glance. Saw this on a facebook post, just thought I would pass it along.

  3. Dawn L. Orr

    I’ve taken several walks with our dog Bella and practicing social distancing have met some new people a few blocks away. Encouraged family and friends through phone calls, emails, texts and sending cards by mail. Sharing food with church members who are shut-ins. Prayers for family, friends (includes church) and others!

  4. Sheryl Idema

    I’m so thrilled with how Frontline served several women in our committee by raising $625. in 24 hours to help them feed their families for 3 weeks. Great opportunity to Be the Church 😊.

  5. John Lowder

    Got this from Dann Youle at Frontline. It inspired me to reach out to an older neighbor of mine. Maybe it will inspire you…

    “As a caregiver I am deemed an essential worker working with the vulnerable elder population. I would just like to reiterate that if people have elder neighbors to please make sure you check in. The pattern I’ve seen in general is it’s usually “feast or famine.” They’ve either got family, friends, neighbors galore checking in on them, or no one does except maybe a few hours a week they pay for to have in home help. Just some thoughts from my perspective.”

  6. Chris & Tracy LeFaive

    Reaching out to friends and family to find out how they are doing. Picking up essential grocery items that are not available in the stores near them.

  7. John Lowder

    Take a Prayer Walk

    Getting outside and soaking up sunshine is a great idea these days especially. How about going for a walk and spending time in prayer for your neighbors and/or businesses. Get the kids involved by letting them paint rocks with kind words to leave along the path.

  8. Vicki Lou Dolsen

    Our neighbors baked bagels and shared them with us. We in turn, baked banana bread and shared with them. We have contacted most of our immediate neighbors, to make sure all is well, and to see if we can do grocery runs. Praying for them all.

    • Sheryl Idema

      I like that idea. I have called our elderly neighbor each day to see if there is anything I can get them from the store. We had great conversations and it has been a blessing to me as well as them.

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