Frontline Youth

Frontline Youth

In years past, you all have been so very supportive to participate in the annual Youth’s Harvest Dinner. Unfortunately, we will not be able to have the Harvest Dinner this year due to the Covid pandemic. During the past Harvest Dinners, you had the opportunity to meet the Youth of Frontline and choose a prayer card to pray specifically for a student as well as support them monetarily. We will have prayer cards again soon so that you can continue to know and pray for our youth. If you would like to financially support the general youth group fund even though our retreats and youth events will be different this year, you may still give through easyTithe. Just designate that your giving is for the Youth Group Fund.

Parents and students of FBC stay in touch with youth group updates. Request to join our facebook pages:
Middle School Youth Group
High School Youth Group

FBC Youth Leaders: Director of Youth Ministry: Tina Post

High School –  Tina Post, John Mattias, Aubree Domsic, Joseph Craesmeyer, Haley Pilka
Middle School – Ben Moore, Jared Lowder, Olivia Weller, Dana Boyum, Meredith Holton.

Leadership Team

TINA graduated from Grace Christian University and Cornerstone University with her bachelors in elementary education. She got married in 2019 and lives in Grand Rapids with her husband Dan and their pitbull, Ganon. She is so excited to be working in ministry at Frontline as the youth director and also at the Grace Gospel Fellowship as the administrative assistant.  She enjoys reading, singing, playing board games and drinking coffee on her porch with friends. She also spent three months in Bolivia for a mission trip after she graduated from college, working with orphanages, young adult groups, camps and a missionary choir. 

AUBREE graduated from Grace Christian University and is now an assistant manager at a women’s clothing store. After she graduated, she went on a mission trip to Tanzania where, fun fact, she was chased by an elephant. Her favorite book of the Bible is Colossians and she enjoys playing volleyball, camping, hiking, board games, and reading. 
BEN is a senior at Grace Christian University and recently graduated from police academy. 
His favorite book of the Bible is Job and he enjoys working out, eating, and going to movies. 
DANA is a freshman at Grace Christian University and her favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11. 
She enjoys playing soccer, hiking, shopping and watching Netflix. 
JARED is a sophomore at Grace Christian University. His favorite book of the Bible is Proverbs and his favorite person in the Bible is Moses. He likes to play tennis, disc golf, and watch TicTok. 
JOHNNY graduated from  GRCC’s  Secchia  Institute  for  Culinary  Education and is now a pastry chef. He studied in 5 different countries. His favorite book of the Bible is Philippians and in his spare time can be found playing disc golf, soccer, eating with friends or watching movies. 
JOSEPH is a senior at Grace Christian University and is originally from Brazil. His favorite book of the Bible is Daniel and his favorite person in the Bible is Joseph. He likes hiking, cheese and watching shows in his spare time. 
MEREDITH is a sophomore at Grace Christian University where she assists the women’s soccer team. Her favorite verse is John 13:7.
She enjoys shopping, watching Netflix with popcorn. She has also been on three mission trips. 
OLIVIA delivers mail for the USPS and was recently married over the summer. 
Her favorite books of the Bible are Proverbs, Ephesians, and James. 
She likes to go horseback riding, eat ice cream, go running and play board games with friends.