September 17th & 24th:
4014 Piute Dr SW
Grandville, MI 49418

Starting Line Class

Get Ready. Get Set. Go!
The next Starting Line Class will be two consecutive Sunday evenings, June 28 & 30, 5:00–8:00 pm. Come learn more about Frontline Bible Church. To give everyone an opportunity to fully participate, we limit the class size to eight. Reserve your spot and RSVP by June 16th, 2024. Email Sarah DeGraaf with any questions

Bible Classes

Bible Classes meet at 11:15 am – Noon beginning September 17 through May 19.

  • KIDS BIBLE CLASSES: Kids ages 0–5th Grade. See Frontline Kids page for Class Descriptions
  • YOUTH BIBLE CLASS: Middle and High School age students. Taught by Tina Post. Meeting in the Youth Room Upstairs.
  • ADULT BIBLE CLASS: There are two different Adult Bible Classes to choose from
    • unAPOLOGETIC. Meeting in Room 4E & 5E Upstairs [beginning February 18]: Learn how to DEFEND your faith in a doubting world! The goal of this class is to INFORM & ENCOURAGE critical Bible-centered reasoning so that you will be “prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for hope that you have.” (I Peter 3:15). Current topic beginning May 19 is “The Doctrine of Sin“. Taught by Kal Gowdy & Zach Moore.
    • BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS. Meeting in the South Equipping Room:
      There will be two sessions this winter/spring
      • SESSION ONE [January 7 & 14]:
        The War in Israel and the Bible: The war in Israel continues to rage on and the eyes of the world are watching it closely.  While our hearts break for the families on both sides that have been affected by death and loss, so many wonder if this a sign of future biblical events to come?  Join in on the discussion as we dig into what the Bible says and doesn’t say about the events happening in Israel. Taught by Pastor John Lowder.
      • SESSION TWO [beginning February 18]:
        Next Level: How often do you listen to a sermon, and you are left with questions you would like answered? Or you may ask, “How does this apply to me”? In this class we will dig deeper into the Sunday morning sermon through discussion and questions and seek to apply the lessons we learn to your daily living. Taught by Pastor John Lowder & Pastor Ben Lorenz

Financial management and generosity often take center stage when the word “stewardship” is tossed out in conversation or in churches. For younger generations, stewardship might also conjure up ideas related to environmental concern, or event corporate responsibility. During these three classes, we will explore Biblical stewardship; a role that is central in each of our lives. Here are some other questions we will explore together:

  • What is Biblical Stewardship?
  • What are seven key purposes of stewardship?
  • How does financial generosity fit into the Biblical understanding of stewardship?
  • Where does stewardship and generosity figure into the life of the Church?
  • What are five central arenas of stewardship?
  • How can we become more effective stewards?


Brett Elder and Dr. Stephen Grabill have journeyed together for over 20 years developing resources to help the Church embrace the profound privilege and calling of stewardship. Born out of significant teaching, training, and equipping throughout the developing world (Brett) and scholarship at the intersection of Christian faith and economics (Stephen), they shepherded the development of the NIV Stewardship Study Bible, several books, curriculum and other published resources related to Biblical stewardship, along with a full length feature film entitled For the Life of the World.

Listen/Watch the Recorded Classes of STEWARDSHIP & THE CHRISTIAN LIFE

4.30.23: Week 1

5.7.23: Week 2

5.14.23: Week 3

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(2022-2023) AUDIO FILES: unAPOLOGETIC Class at Frontline Bible Church

Week 1: Why Apologetics Matters

Week 2: Setting the Stage

Week 3: Out of Bounds

Week 4: General Revelation and Natural Theology

Week 5: Kalam Cosmological Argument

Week 6: Teleological Argument (Online Class)

Week 7: Moral Argument

Week 8: Meaning Argument

Week 9: Fee Thinking Argument

Week 10: Doctrine of Inspiration

Week 11: Review and Ethical Issues

Week 12: Canonicity Introduction

Week 13: Canonicity – 66 or 73 books? (Guest speaker Brian Bode) 

Week 14: Arguments for God

Week 15: Do We Have an Early Testimony? part 1

Week 16: Do We Have an Early Testimony? part 2

Week 17: Atonement, part 1

Week 18: Atonement, part 2

Week 19: Atonement, part 3

Week 20: Atonement, part 4

Week 21: Atonement, part 5

Week 22: Atonement, part 6

Week 23: Atonement, part 7

Week 24: Atonement, part 8

Week 25: Atonement, part 9

Week 26: Pro-Life Apologetics, part 1

Week 27: Pro-Life Apologetics, part 2

Week 28: Pro-Life Apologetics, part 3

Week 29: Pro-Life Apologetics, part 4

Week 30: Pro-Life Apologetics, part 5

Week 31: Kathy’s Testimony

Week 32: Pro-Life Apologetics, part 6

Week 33: Problem of Evil, Part 1

Week 34: Problem of Evil, Part 2

Week 35: Problem of Evil, Part 3

Week 36: Problem of Evil, Part 4

Week 37: Problem of Evil, Part 5

Week 38: Problem of Evil, Part 6

Week 39: Problem of Evil, Part 7

Week 40: Problem of Evil, Part 8

Week 41: Comparing Free Will, Faith, Merit (Jordan Ferrier)

Week 42: Two Views of God (Jordan Ferrier)

Week 43: Doctrine of Man, Part 1

Week 44: Doctrine of Man, Part 2

(2023-2024) Navigating LBGTQ+

Week 1: Lowder’s Journey

Week 2: Grace or Truth?

Week 3: How to Respond

Week 4: How to Live Out the Gospel

(2024) AUDIO FILES: Biblical Foundations Class