Prayer Inspiration-APRIL

Prayer Inspiration-APRIL


There is power in praying as a unified body of believers. Let’s stand together in prayer for the blessings and needs of our church family.

“I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you. For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”  Matthew 18:19–20

  1. PRAY for the seeds of the gospel that were planted on Easter to take root in people’s lives for true transformation.
  2. PRAY for safe travels for all going to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. PRAY for new learnings and a further understanding of the greatness of God as creator and Lord of the universe.
  3. PRAY for each member of our congregation to take to heart the teachings from the sermons. PRAY that we apply the principles we are learning in our daily lives.
  4. PRAY for the Deacons to have guidance and discernment seeking the needs of the congregation. PRAY for blessed fellowship as the Deacons visit seniors and shut ins. PRAY for the Deacon’s wisdom in helping those who are experiencing hardship.
  5. PRAY for people in our church to have a servant’s heart and to respond to God’s call for service whether in the church or in the community. PRAY that we will take risks and trust God to equip us for what is needed to serve.
  6. PRAY for great fellowship and connection for the men attending the March Madness Gathering.
  7. PRAISE THE LORD for those who serve in our nursery! Let the children who attend the nursery hear about the love of Jesus and feel that love through those who work in the nursery.
  8. PRAY for the Frontline Men’s Ministry Team as they seek God’s guidance on ministering to the needs of the men in our church. PRAY for the men of our church to desire to grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord.
  9. PRAISE God for new individuals and families God has brought to Frontline. PRAY our new comers feel welcomed and connected with our congregation.
  10. PRAY for the Trustees as they prepare the 24-25 budget year. Let them be receptive to the Lord’s leading in creating the FBC budget.
  11. PRAISE God for the Front Porch Team who ensure all feel welcome on Sunday mornings. PRAY for an additional family to partner with the Matthews family in this ministry.
  12. PRAISE GOD for the $22,500 given for the new boiler. PRAY for a successful instillation and many years of use heating our facility as we minister to those in our community.
  13. PRAY for those attending and leading the Changed Conference. PRAY that attendees will leave with the courage to trust God’s grace.
  14. PRAY for the Senior’s Ministry to be strong in fellowship and friendship.
  15. PRAY for wisdom and discernment for the Elders as they spiritually lead our church.
  16. PRAY for joy, patience and wisdom for our Children’s Leaders who teach Children’s Worship and Bible Hour. PRAY that our children hear God’s word and accept Christ as their Savior. PRAY for others to be willing to commit and serve in this ministry.
  17. PRAY for the ENGAGE ministry that the young adults will develop authentic relationships with other believers and mutually encourage one another in their walk with God.
  18. PRAY for the children and workers that are attending Coached By Christ. PRAY that Coached by Christ will become contagious in our community and their will be growth in numbers and learning about Jesus.
  19. PRAY for great connection and relationships to be established among the Frontline women attending the women’s retreat.
  20. PRAY for the Frontline women at the retreat to dig deep into God’s word and open their hearts to hearing what God would share for them.
  21. PRAY for our Marketing Team for their wisdom in creating effective marketing of Frontline Bible Church to draw people in our doors to learn about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  22. PRAY for the Young Adult’s ministry to stay engaged in the young adults ministry despite their busy schedules and many commitments.
  23. PRAY for those that are leading and attending discipleship small groups. PRAY that there would be transparent fellowship and a deep desire to learn and draw closer to the Lord.
  24. PRAY for our church to grow in numbers, ministry offerings and spiritual depth.
  25. THANK GOD for those who are part of our Praise and Worship Team. PRAY for Leo that the Lord guides him with preparing Sunday worship that prepares our hearts to hear God’s word.
  26. PRAY for Frontline Women’s Ministry leadership team as they seek God’s guidance for opportunities for Frontline women to connect and grow.
  27. PRAY for our Missions Committee as they support the many missionaries across the world. PRAY for our church to give generously to support the needs of our missionary families.
  28. PRAY for Tina and the youth group leaders as they prepare lessons and build relationships with our youth. PRAY for Frontline youth to desire to have a deeper relationship with the Lord. PRAY that they stand firm on God’s word when faced with temptations of worldly ideas.
  29. PRAY for Pastor John and Pastor Ben to follow God’s promptings and leadings with their teachings to our congregation. PRAY for transformational spiritual growth of our congregation.
  30. PRAY for the preparations being made for the 90 Days of prayer campaign being done this summer at FBC. PRAY for a prepared heart to fully engage in this campaign.


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