Frontline Women

Frontline Women

Our mission is to see women connecting & growing to God and to each other. This is why you see
“Connect & Grow” on our communications.
if we can help you connect & grow!

New Director of Frontline Women!

Lori has been attending FWM events for years. She has loved being part of FWM and has now accepted the position of Director of Frontline Women. Lori’s sweet nature, excitement and energy makes her a great fit for this position, FBC is excited to see how God will use her!

Upcoming Events:

Join us for our second Mystery Bus Trip! Limited seating is available so sign up now! Sign ups close on September 1st.

SIGN UP by clicking the respective links below! 
9-30-2023: Mystery Bus Trip
10-11-2023: Bead Mosaics
11-17-2023: Game Night
12-6-2023: My Favorite Things

What a CREATIVE Saturday (8.5.23) in Fennville!

2023 Next Step Bible Studies info below

Thursday Evenings beginning September 28, 2023 (a seven week study)
TIME: 6:30–8:30 pm
FBC Conference Room
Facilitated by Tiffany Huff

Join Tiffany Huff as she facilitates this Next Step Bible Study: Holiness by Nancy DeMoss.
Starting September 28 at 6:30 pm in the Conference Room.

Nancy DeMoss helps us understand what it is to be set apart, a heartthrob is set on fire . A sequel to Surrender. Reading Surrender is not required before hand.

Participants need to order their own book. Read the first chapter and be prepared to discuss questions at the end of the chapter with the group.

Purchase your own book:
Christian Book Distributors

Left to Right: Julia Moore, Kathy Domsic, Aubree Domsic, Maryedith Rasmusson, Bev Blando, Lori Miles

FBC Women’s Leadership Team

The FrontlineWomen’s Leadership Team is committed to providing opportunities for the women of Frontline to connect and grow as we build relationships with one another, and to dig deeper into God’s Word, challenging each other spiritually. We welcome your suggestions and ideas for events, ministries, etc. Or if you just want to talk, contact: Kathy DomsicMaryedith RasmussonBev Blando, Lori Miles, Aubree Domsic and Julia Moore.

Interested in JOINING the FrontlineWomen’s Leadership Team? Email Kathy Domsic

Lori Miles
Director of Women’s Ministry

Life is a Journey; a path marked by hurt, hope, struggles and gain – each with their own set of emotions. Some experience significant trauma and abuse on their journey which leave them with lasting scars. Others haven’t known that trauma, but have carried a word or experience which came at a particularly vulnerable time creating a wound of its own. Both scenarios generate behaviors and thought patterns we use in an attempt to deal with our hurt, anger, disappointment, betrayal, abandonment and pain. Journey and The Journey Continues are each nine-week courses designed to help you explore your story in a confidential, small group setting. They teach you not only how to understand your past and it’s impact, but how to live forward through Christ with empathy and forgiveness, learning to love yourself and others. Authentic community is created where people are heard, loved and heal together. 

Contact Maryedith Rasmussen  if you are interested in learning more about participating in a Journey group.

Jesus, when He walked this earth, invested His life in twelve men. That’s it! He loved them; taught them; challenged them; and did life with them.

Soul Purpose is about investing and sharing your life with three to four other women; digging deeper and growing spiritually. Through transparency and authenticity, each group member is supported, loved and challenged.

Daily homework, based on the Cultivating Holy Beauty curriculum, helps you to learn who God is and what He’s calling you to do in this world. Expect to grow in this one-year curriculum, and learn to say “No” to Satan – to his lies and temptations through the strength and encouragement of your small group family.

Contact FWM leadership if you think a Soul Purpose group is your nextStep in growing in your spiritual walk with God.