Costa Rica Weeks 1&2!

Costa Rica Weeks 1&2!

Hello all my lovely people! I hope you are all very well! I can’t wait to tell you all about what God is doing my first two weeks here in Costa Rica! For those of you praying that I would be able to hit the ground running, God definitely answered! I’ve been so active in many definitely areas ever since the plane touched down. I can’t wait to show you all and tell you! First off, leaving the team in Panama was hard. Although I had some troubles really getting going and was up and down a bit spiritually, I made some really good relationships there and it’s never easy leaving people. The team there is fantastic and the ministries that they do are very encouraging and motivating. I am hoping to be able to return to the team there at the end of my time here in Costa Rica in October. Saying goodbye is never easy but I am blessed for the time that I was able to have there and if it’s in the Lord’s will that I return then it would be another blessing. Below is the last photos of the last meal I had with some of the awesome people in Panamá.

I got to Costa Rica July 4th and immediately started meeting people. They were in the process of kid’s games and I was able to meet some of the leaders and then help out during the entire last day which was Wednesday the 5th. It was a really fun day spent with the kids, leaders, and the youth that are part of the church. I really enjoyed myself and was able to participate in a drama skit and use my Spanish which I was terrified as there were a few hundred people there. But it was very exciting and that first day I had already established some great relationships with some of the youth and young adults in the church. I already began discipling one of the kids in the youth! The photos below are from the kids games.

After Wednesday, Thursday was a day that I spent hanging out with some people, doing some shopping, and actually getting situated in my apartment here. The Church here is really nice and I like it. I was also able to go to a little worship night at the other Church in another city close by. It was cool to connect with the believers there and get to know them. They want me to start a Bible study with them!

Friday the 7th was a special fun youth day because they were on vacation from school the last two weeks. I was able to be part of that in meeting them more and then last Saturday when they have their actual youth group I taught them ultimate frisbee and we were able to play and enjoy that and the youth loved it. This recent Saturday the 15th I was able to share my testimony with them and share the entire gospel with them and how we have life in the Spirit each and every day. I talked about identity and finding our identity in Christ and who God says we are and not finding our identity in the world, ourselves, others, etc. A few of the kids want to meet with me next week before youth group to talk more! I joined a discipleship group with one of the youth leaders and two kids he is discipling as they asked me to join. They have a very awesome youth group here! Of course I bring my board games everywhere because they’re always a big hit and we play them all the time! I also introduced them to spike ball which they absolutely love! One of the Youth Group times we had a fun time roller-skating in the church! A lot of bruised bodies after that but it was worth it!

On Friday the 7th I had my first evening with the young adult ministry and was able to meet them and talk with them. I then was able to share my testimony with them last Friday and share a bit with them. They are interested in having me teach some apologetics with them as well as going through Romans with them to really understand the Gospel in its fullness. The leader of the young adult group and his girlfriend want to meet with me Mondays to go through Bible questions and discipleship. It was a fun time with the young adults playing board games with them and getting to know them. I’m excited to invest in them these next three months! After young adult group some of us go out and grab something to eat! I’ve been able to meet so many people these last two weeks and I’m excited to invest in these wonderful people!

Because there are a good amount of people here that know English I was able to start two English Bible Studies, one here in the Church and the other at the other Church plant. So I’m very happy to be active here! A lot of people came out for the first Bible study and I’m excited! They have a desire to learn more about God and His word and are able to improve their English at the same time!

Most days I have something going on and I have a few Bible studies that I am doing. I have a few people that I am discipling weekly and many others that I am able to do life with. Being a leader in the youth group and part of the young adult group is a lot of fun and I’m excited to be part. There are many areas to serve here and I’m very excited to part of them all. And of course getting people together for board games! Thank you all for the Prayers and encouragement! I’m very happy to be active already and to be able to have met so many people and start investing in them and the Church here. The government rents the church here as a high school during the week and yesterday, (7-17), I was able to meet some teachers that want me in their classes throughout the weeks to help the students with their English and this will allow me to share my story and talk about the Bible and share the gospel with them! Even the gym teachers are letting me do what I want there and teach the kids some sports and do activities with them. They want me to help them with their English through board games and sharing stories. I also told them that I would like to share my story of struggling with life, depression, anxiety, suicide, and how I found life, love, acceptance, value, and identity in Jesus Christ. This is like a continuation of the ministry at the schools in Bonaire but now it’s literally in my backyard! I will be meeting them and getting to know them and doing life with them and be able to invite them to the English Bible Studies that I’m doing as well as the youth and young adult groups at the church. I’m so excited to be so active here already in ministry!

Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait to update you all in a month on what God is doing! I say this every post and I will say it again, I would not be able to do what I do without your prayers and support so thank you all very much! You guys are the best!

Prayer Requests:

  1. The Bible Studies that I am doing.
  2. Ministry at the School.
  3. The discipling that I am doing.
  4. Continued good health.
  5. Continued growth in Spanish learning.
  6. Open hearts to hear and receive the message of the Gospel.


    Mary Lenger

    Thanking the Lord for opening so many doors for you, that you can run through with his strength. Now we know we’re clearly how to hold you up in prayer in this new ministry for you. God bless you, protect you, and guide you.

    Dwayne Huff

    Thanks for sharing this update, Anthony! It is always exciting to hear what God is doing in you and through you! I’ll continue to pray for you and all of the ministries you are involved in.

    Sheryl Idema

    Anthony, I love hearing about all your involvement in helping others find joy, and freedom . You are definitely part of changing lives for eternity.

    Dawn Orr

    Hi there, Anthony! It’s wonderful to hear about all you activities, adventures and ministries. Praise the Lord for how you have acclimated so quickly in Costa Rica. I will continue prayers 🙏 for the specific requests you listed, as well as whatever the Lord lays on my heart ❤️
    Hugs, Dawn (Philippians 1:6)

      Anthony Beaulieu (Author)

      Thank you Dawn! I am always encouraged by your comments and to know you are praying for me 🙂

    Tim Hoganson

    Once again, brother, your enthusiasm is contagious! I’m so glad you are finding so many avenues of service. You’re using your gifts . Isn’t missionary life fun? We look forward to having you back again. So we can talk missions! Keep up the good work.

      Anthony Beaulieu (Author)

      I absolutely love missionary life! Thank you for your prayers and encouraging comments!

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