Frontline Kids

Frontline Kids

Sunday June 11, after church

We appreciate our volunteers & want to say THANK YOU!

All FKM volunteers & their families are invited to this appreciation lunch, June 11, after worship service.

What a great end of year celebration! Thank you Magic Bob & SuZie!

We look forward to announcing the new Nursery Coordinator soon!

Join us as we pray for the person God is preparing for this position. Contact Corey Johnson if you are interested or have questions. Here is a summary of the job description (complete job description: Coordinator of Frontline Nursery Ministry): 

  • This position is responsible for overseeing the ministry activities and facilities for nursery-age children. In particular, the Nursery Ministry Coordinator position oversees the scheduling, training, and coaching of the nursery ministry volunteer group. All nursery ministry activities are overseen by the nursery coordinator with assistance and cooperation of other children’s ministry leaders as needed. The coordinator is also responsible for the nursery budget and ensuring necessary supplies are procured as needed for the nursery.

Beginning September 11

Children’s Worship: 9:45 – 11 am


Suggested age range: 0–3 years old
This class offers:
– Number indicator system to contact parents
– Supervised interaction and free play time

Children’s Worship 1

Suggested age range: 3 – 6 years
Meeting in SW Foyer
This class offers:
– Number indicator system to contact parents
– Flexible environment with structured time as well as child-choice time
My child can:
– Follow simple directions
– Engage in group activities
– Use the bathroom without assistance

Children’s Worship 2

Suggested age range: 6–9 years old or when child is ready for morning service worship
Meeting in Room 7/8 W
My child can:
– Follow directions
– Sit and listen for 15–20 minutes
– Engage in individual and group worship/reflection time

Beginning September 18

Kids Bible Classes:
11:15 am – Noon

Bible 1

Beginners Bible Class: 1–2 year program
Suggested age range: 2–3 years old
Meeting in the Nursery
(20-25 minutes structured time/ 20-25 minutes free play time) 
My child can:
– Follow simple directions
– Sit and listen for 2–3 minutes
– Engage in simple group activities
This is a very informal class that will meet in the Nursery. Your child will be invited to join but it is ok if they do not. Your child will be introduced to basic Biblical events through Story Time using The Beginner’s Bible, and have Song Time, Game Time and times of Prayer.

Bible 2

2–3 year program for pre-readers.
Suggested age range: 4 years old – K
(this class has the flexibility to give your child structured as well as child-choice time)
Meeting in Classroom 3W  
My child can:
– Follow directions
– Sit and listen for about 10 minutes
– Answer simple questions about the lesson
– Engage nicely in a supervised group
Your child will continue to be introduced to the Biblical accounts including Creation, the Flood, the Nation of Israel (Abraham, David, strong emphasis on Jesus’ earthly life, early church…), and the Apostle Paul. 

Bible 3

2–3 year program.
Suggested age range: 1st – 2nd Grades.
Meeting in Classroom 6W

(45 minutes of structured class time)

My child:
– Knows the basic Biblical accounts/people
(i.e. Jesus, Creation, Adam/Eve, Noah, Moses, David)
– Can read
– Can sit and listen for 15–20 minutes
– Can engage in group discussion
Your child will be given a review of Biblical accounts from Creation to the Apostle Paul and start learning the deeper truths of Scripture (The Bible is God’s Word + our Foundation for truth, we are all born in Adam and need to be born again in Christ, The distinct role of the Nation of Israel, basic attributes of God, various topical lessons (Salvation, Faith, Renewing the mind…). We will also work on memorizing the Books of the Bible and the C’s of History)

Bible 4

2–3 year program.
Suggested age range: 3rd – 5th grade.
Meeting in Classroom 7W

(45 minutes of structured class time) 

My child:
– Is very familiar with the basic Biblical accounts
– Has had at least two years of Bible 3
– Is at least in the 3rd grade
Your child will continue learning Scriptural accounts and deeper truths from a Biblical worldview; Beginnings, the Flood, Attributes + Nature of God, the Miracles of Jesus, who we are in Christ… with a goal of your child owning/personalizing their faith + beliefs. 


Corey Johnson is the Ministry Director for Frontline Kids. He, along with the team of leaders, have a passion for providing fun, interactive Biblical teaching that makes an eternal impact at every age.

Frontline Kid’s Ministry Team

Amanda Marzean,
Coordinator of Children’s Worship One: 3yrs.- pre-K
Gretchen Johnson
Coordinator of Children’s Worship Two: K- 3rd Gr.
Lynn Thomas,
Mandy Terrell,
Coordinator of Nursery
Barb Gowdy,
Interim Director of Kid’s Bible Classes

Family Resources:

Focus on the Family has a lot of useful information for families covering a wide array of topics. They also have a free, downloadable activity document for younger kids focusing on Easter. Look for the “Enjoy Free Easter Fun for Your Family” link near the top of the homepage. 

For something to listen to, there are a few free episodes- scroll to “New to Odyssey?”  

Answers in Genesis features a ‘Kid Mode’ for kids under 13 with lots of resources for your child to interact with directly through the site. Includes videos and activities about Creation, Easter, and other topics. 

If you have access to a printer, there are many biblical coloring pages and activities to print. These can be good opportunities to pass time and to open discussions with your kids! 

We value children greatly and believe they are an essential part of the church today. Here at Frontline, we strive to partner with you as you introduce and encourage your child(ren) to become passionate, devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Our dedicated children’s staff work hard each week to provide a relevant message to children of all ages. We sing, create with our hands and engage the stories of the Bible into the hearts of the youngest participants in our church.

Every children’s ministry is staffed with a protection policy certified and trained volunteer. The safety of your child(ren) is important to you and it is important to us.