When you give to Frontline Bible Church, you’re partnering with us in equipping people to make an eternal impact. Churches don’t change lives. God changes lives! Then He shapes us to become Christ-followers who are willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever we go, including on our own frontlines once we step out these doors.

There was a boy in John 6 who gave Jesus his lunch: 5 loaves and 2 fish. But he gave it from his heart…and Jesus fed thousands with it, then they gathered more leftovers than what they started with. And there’s the widow in Luke 21 who sacrificially gave all she had to live on. Scripture doesn’t say whether she died of starvation the next day; only that Christ commended her – again – for giving from her heart.

You can give in person through our Giving Boxes, by sending a check by mail, issuing a check through your bank or online via easyTithe – our new, secure online giving provider. But you will need to download the app from GooglePlay or the AppStore for your mobile devices.

Trust God. Give what He lays on your heart to give, and watch as He changes the hearts of the world…beginning with your own.