Frontline Bible Church believes that all Christians have a responsibility to be engaged in world missions. We are called to spread the message of God’s grace to all the world. Engagement comes in many different forms; prayer, financial support, mission trips, projects, partnerships, and encouragement of missionaries. The Missions Committee at Frontline Bible Church meets at least once a month to prayerfully consider how we can strategically partner in world missions.

To request MISSIONS FINANCIAL SUPPORT ( according to our GUIDELINES ) please print and complete this form and return it to a member of the Missions Committee.

From time to time, you may be asked to share YOUR MISSIONS MOMENT.

Missions Committee: Jimmy Moore, ChairJohn Mattias, TreasurerPaula Lenger, SecretaryGreg and Nan BunchAndrea CamposAmy Riemersma; and Lauren Rimersma

Alex and Deltha GULART
Ainhoa, and Bastian
Paraguay. Monthly support: $100
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Frosty and Cathy HANSEN
Bolivia. Monthly support: $50
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Cory and Kim HODGSON
Naomi, Elijah, and Timothy
Tanzania. Monthly support: $60
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Nathan and Jessica KILLION
Matthias, Chole, and Abigail
Paraguay. Monthly support: $50
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Cambodia. Monthly support: $70
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Titus and Kristi LLOYD
Zechariah, Matthew, Margaret, and Caleb.
Malawi. Monthly support: $50
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Puerto Rico. Monthly support: $50
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Eric and Mercy MANGO, Shalom, and Grace.
Malawi. Monthly support: $50
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Steve and Barb SHERMAN, Trevor, and Stephanie.
Tanzania. Monthly support: $50
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Talo and Patty VERGARA
Costa Rica. Monthly support: $50
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