Serious about Sinning

Serious about Sinning

Embracing Opposition1 Peter

Peter is writing to Jewish believers who were living in what is modern day Turkey (Asia Minor). These believers were far from the safety of their homeland (Israel) and were facing opposition from Jewish zealots, the Romans, culture and each other. Living as exiles meant no one would’ve blamed them for losing their desire to remain holy/separate from the world, but Peter was writing to challenge them not to give up. He then tells them throughout the book how to embrace the opposition, not just endure it. Join us as we see how we can apply these challenges from Peter in our days.

Today’s Message: 
Serious about Sinning
Pastor John Lowder
1 Peter 4:1-6
Sin isn’t a topic most people like to talk about. It affects us every day of our lives though whether it’s our sin or someone else’s. Sin is VERY opposed to the abundant life in Christ and will wreak havoc in it if we don’t arm ourselves with the right attitude toward it.


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