First Cause

First Cause

From The Beginning: Genesis 1–11
The word genesis means beginning, and the book of Genesis is invaluable for us to know God’s design of His world and what has happened to the world From The Beginning. This series will look at the many ‘Firsts’ we encounter in the opening eleven chapters, and how they still impact us today. So get ready to experience Genesis From The Beginning.

Today’s message is FIRST CAUSE.
It’s common knowledge that this world by which we live is not eternal. This means that all time, space, and matter had to start somewhere. In our ongoing series, “From the Beginning,” we are taking a deeper look into the Bible’s “firsts”. This week, we are exploring the idea of “the first cause” and how God created all things. This sermon will show that what we know of modern science is not only compatible with the Biblical narrative, but is in fact, most reasonable.
Will Hess


Will Hess hosts a podcast called The Church Split. The Church Split is dedicated to fun and civil discussion regarding controversial topics in the church. The goal is to think biblically, logically and consistently regarding all things in order to bring unity to the Body of Christ. He has covered many topics including these addressing the subject of abortion.
December 12, 2019 — “The Pro-Choice Christian: God is Grey Rebuttal”
September 18, 2020 — Split This: Abortion, God is Grey, The DATA

The Kalam Cosmological Argument:
[book] The Kalām Cosmological Argument 
[book] On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision
[Video] The Kalam Cosmological Argument | University of Birmingham, UK

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