Countdown to Christmas🎄

On the 8th day of December, what a sight to see . . .

more than 8 goats walking by me down the street! 🐐

On the 10th day of December, a special event was happening . . . with 10 couples joining together at the Annual Breakfast for Curaçao Christian Pastors and Pastor John preaching! ✝️

On the 11th Day of December, we did sooo many things . . . John preached at Grace Connection, we had a lovely visit with a couple from the church who’s husband just had a heart attack (Anthony & Lucille), ate lunch with the Pastors’ families, attended Celisia’s Christmas Music Recital 🎸and then enjoyed some delicious ice cream! 🍨

On the 13th of December, I did some Christmas shopping . . . and found 13 cute little Dutch row houses while I was driving! 😉

On the 15th of December, we started off on an Aloe Farm🪴 . . . then ate some scrumptious pizza 🍕, did some snorkeling 🤿 and saw more than 15 different fish and coral, 🐠🐡🦀🐟 and then Pastor John was privileged to speak at a different church (Hosanna Christian Fellowship) to start a new Bible study on the book of Proverbs. 📖

On the 13th Day of December, Grace Connection’s Unique Youth Group took place . . . with 13 crazy teens trying to rehearse a Christmas play! 🤪

On the 17th of December, we climbed Mount Christoffel 🌄 . . . and got 17 more bug bites and we almost fell! 🦟🪰🦟🪲🪳🦟🐜

On the 19th Day of December, we went to Iglesia de Biblica . . . and drove 19 minutes on bumpy, dirt roads, passed flamingos in a pond,🦩 Mallory and Pastor John led music 🎶 and Melinda played keyboard, 🎹 Pastor John preached an amazing message on “Worship is More than Singing,” 🙌🏼 we watched Argentina win the World Cup and all took naps! 🇦🇷