🎄December is Here!🌴

🎄December is Here!🌴

We cannot believe it’s been a month already since we arrived here on the Island of Curaçao! Our ministry has been going very well and we have certainly enjoyed meeting more new people in our neighborhood and the churches. John even spoke to one of our security guys at the gate to our neighborhood and found out that he’s been listening to the radio station that we’ve been on! He asked … “are you “THE Pastor John” from the radio?” John’s starting to turn into a local celebrity! 😉


This past week was a bit quieter for us as far as special events but we’re now running full speed ahead as John is speaking at the Annual Breakfast for the Association of (Curaçao) Christian Pastors this Saturday morning, Christmas Eve program planning for the Bible Church and Grace Connection’s youth program Christmas morning that Melinda is helping to direct. We also have a New Year’s Eve special service and are continuing to plan for our Marriage Conference which is being held on January 13-14, 2023, and we’ve been continuing to promote it on the radio, social media and brochures.


It was so nice having a less busy week, as we got do some more touristy type things as a family, visit some new beautiful sites, downtown Willemstad, beaches, snorkeling, swimming with sea turtles and more! ☀️

Mallory practices with this volleyball team 2-3 times a week and loves it! We are so proud of her and she can’t wait to be a part of the beach volleyball ministry we’re going to do in Bonaire! She’s too old to play in the games here but certainly enjoys practicing with them throughout the week with Ciara (Pastor Rensley’s daughter). 🏐

Then, there’s the USA vs. Holland fútbol FIFA World Cup game on Saturday morning! We all got together at Pastor Roy’s house, ate donuts and had so much fun, despite the fact that USA lost 1-3. ⚽ (We learned that most of Curaçao’s players are on the Holland team because they didn’t play this year in the World Cup.) Great memories made watching the game together and learning how to yell at the TV in Papiamentu!

🐢“TURTLE BEACH” – Playa Piskado💦

This beach in the Northwest region about 50 minutes from Willemstad was absolutely amazing! Swimming with turtles in the wild (not a tour or excursion) was so magical and we cannot wait to take Jared and Abby back here when they join us in a few weeks! 🤿

✝️ Grace Connection – Preaching & Teaching 📖



    But catching that ugly gecko-like wall sticking creature is just plainly appalling 😂


    We’re happy and blessed to have you guys with us, Melinda! Thanks for everything 🌹

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