December S.E.E. Blog

December S.E.E. Blog

We made it. December 2020. Unbelievable that the year is ending. However, most of us may feel like we wished it would have come sooner. Before we end the year, we must CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE the birth of Our Savior! The gift that is priceless. We really do have so much to be thankful for and to CELEBRATE! Please take a few minutes to read the articles written by FBC leaders. I am sure that you will indeed be ready to celebrate as you read their words of encouragement and receive challenges to be equipped.

This month, we are introducing a new segment called Get Moving Spiritually. Yes, this is one of the four Core Values at Frontline Bible Church. We want to share the stories that we know are out there. Life happens every day, challenging us to draw close and grow or push back and flounder. We want to encourage you with stories of people that have drawn close, trusted and grown spiritually. If you have a story of how you have been challenged in your walk with the Lord, please prayerfully consider sharing it with me

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Opening Thoughts: Dave Grube
FBC Board Update: Dwayne Huff
Freedom to Worship: JD Dulinsky
Frontline and Beyond: Secret Santa 2020
Frontline and Beyond: Outreach to our neighbors
Get Moving Spiritually: Dawn Orr

Merry Blessed Christmas,

Vicki Dolsen
Interim Marketing Director


What’s it Worth?
Over the past month, most likely you have been shopping to some degree, looking for those great sales that give you the best bargain for your dollar. We’ve all experienced Black Friday sales, pre-Thanksgiving sales, after Thanksgiving sales, One Time Only sales, Cyber Monday sales and all sorts of Christmas sales trying to convince us that we can save money and get the best value if we shop at their store. We have many choices but the decisions are ours to make.

So, what is it that takes us over the line in making those decisions? I would say for most of us it comes down to the value we place on an item, what we think it’s worth, and whether we’re willing to pay the price.

Isn’t that the way it is in our spiritual life? We are constantly being challenged to make decisions based on the value we place on something, what we think it is worth and whether we’re willing to pay the price for it. For instance, how much value do you place on helping people in need, or attending church, serving in the church, giving of your time, talents and money or maybe even forgiving someone? If you believe those things are worth doing, then it’s easy to commit to them. If you find value in those things, then you pursue them just like you do when you see an unbelievable sale at the store. But if you look at them in a transactional way (to get something in return), then your motivation becomes self-ish rather than self-less and you lose the joy and blessing that God has waiting for you.

So, over the next few weeks take some time to think about the wonderful gift God has given you by sending his Son, Jesus Christ to this world as a baby, the price He paid so that you could have eternal life and the value he places on you as his child. And then consider how that should impact your giving, whatever form that may take.

John 3:16 sums it up best…

For God so loved the world (worth) that he gave his one and only Son (price), that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (value).”

Talk about a bargain! Now, go share the love of God with someone else.

Merry Christmas

Dave Grube


Let Your Light Shine because God is With us!
Does it feel like everything is different this year? Do you find yourself wondering if anything will ever be the same again? Without a doubt our world has changed in ways that none of us could have imagined at this time last year. Our world has been shaken to the core and our vulnerability has been exposed, yet the foundation of our lives remains sound for those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ! As Christians we have hope and confidence knowing that God is still in complete control and will accomplish his purposes in our lives despite the circumstances around us. Tragedy, disease, and disaster have been part of the human experience since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. And today, just as it was at the first Christmas over 2000 years ago, mankind is in need of hope, light, and life. As you celebrate advent this year and reflect on the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ to redeem a broken people living in a broken world, may you be reminded of the hope and light he offers to all mankind.

Things may be different this year and they may not be the way we would like them to be, but we still have much to be thankful for. It’s a matter of perspective. We can choose to focus on everything that has gone wrong this past year and on the pandemic that has dramatically impacted our lives, or we can choose to focus our thoughts and actions on what we do have as followers of Jesus Christ. In reference to Jesus, the Apostle John wrote in John 1:4-5

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.”

More than ever our world needs light… the true light that is Jesus Christ. While it may be easier to focus on the gloom and darkness, we know that light shines brightest in the darkest times and this year has brought some unprecedented opportunities to shine the light of Christ in our world. The dramatic change in our lifestyles over the past nine months has provided us with time to reflect, to refocus, and be reminded of what is truly important. We were reminded to be thankful for the things we took for granted, to care for others, and prioritize relationships; we also found new and creative ways to “be the church” and the hands and feet of Christ. Even though Christmas may look a little different this year, the reason we celebrate has not changed. We celebrate the fact that God chose to send his son into our world as a vulnerable human being to pay the penalty for our sin and restore our relationship with God. While many things have changed this year, one thing we know with certainty; God is still with us! As you celebrate Christmas this year take comfort and find hope in the coming of our Lord Jesus. In the words of the prophet Isaiah, Jesus is “Immanuel, God with us”!

Merry Christmas,

Dwayne Huff
FBC Board Chairman


Alright, I already know what you’re thinking…
“Really? A playlist called ‘Desert Desires’ in winter? Have you ever been to freezing, cold, Michigan in January? It’s dark every day, snowy, no sun, and chilly doesn’t even begin to describe it. Now you’re just teasing us.”

Well friends, I understand and can somewhat relate to your pain. Growing up in Chicago, though there wasn’t as much snow, it was definitely cold. Not only that, there was nowhere from the brutal, whipping wind, with all the buildings surrounding. I’m pretty sure there have been years when my face and nostrils had icicles crystalizing.

So why this playlist? Why the desert? The desert may sound tempting to us right now, but we all know the desert is not a pleasant place at all: Scorching heat, barren land, vicious wildlife all around, little to no amount of water. The list goes on and on. To be honest, looking back on 2020, it felt like a never-ending desert. Whatever could go wrong did. and if I’m being honest about how I feel about heading into 2021, at least the beginning of it, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to be much different. 

So, are we stuck in this desert place forever, full of parchment, longing and desires unfulfilled? Can’t we just get out of this? Well, maybe, just maybe, we need to be reminded that the God of the mountaintop and valleys, the God of galaxies and oceans, is also the God of the desert.

We just celebrated Advent: God with us, coming to us in every season. He is with us in this desert season. Most of God’s profound work in the Scriptures is in the desert place. It is in the desert the Lord not only does some of His greatest work, but His Presence is constant. Even when we feel abandoned, forsaken or forgotten, His gentle touch reminds us WE ARE NOT ALONE. 

My prayer is that this playlist will let you feel whatever it is you need to feel. That these songs will let you enter into a space of honesty, vulnerability and authenticity. Let yourself be human. Allow yourself to experience hurt and sorrow. However, my prayer is that you will also allow God to heal those hurting and sorrowful places. Remember that He will be with you through it all. Maybe your desert season isn’t over, but neither is His Love for you. 

Merry Christmas to you all!

JD Dulinsky




Have you been wondering the identity of your Secret Santa? We have had reports of crazy Secret Santa’s, curious Secret Santa’s asking their person questions about Christmas, creative Secret Santa’s with unique cards, confused Secret Santa’s (the elves sent wrong addresses) and super secret Secret Santa’s, because I have a Secret Santa and I didn’t even put my name into the drawing! Isn’t it fun to get a card in the mail and know someone was thinking about you? Sometimes, God orchestrates those notes just at the right time for our encouragement, joy, or spiritual conviction. A note, a thought, a prayer can be so powerful, especially when prompted by the Holy Spirit.

As we continue to maneuver our environment of COVID, I’m sure there are some in our congregation who may feel isolated, alone, forgotten, discouraged.
What if a simple card, note or call could … change isolated into communityalone into togetherforgotten into remembereddiscouraged into encouraged? While Secret Santa is seasonal, caring for our church family and surrounding community is year-round. I would encourage you to continue reaching out. Use the new Church Center App (download from your devices app store: Church Center) to find addresses (make sure you accept the invitation in your email to join the FBC directory then select the info that you want to share. Even add a photo.) Do a wild scroll through the directory and where it lands, send a card to that person/family. Look through and find someone you don’t know and introduce yourself through a card. Find someone you know can’t get out due to health risks and send a card. Pray and ask the Lord to place a name on your mind and then contact them.

For those of you who have been working hard to stay connected, keep doing it. For those of you who haven’t reached out in these ways, I would encourage you to start. It’s such a simple way to be a blessing. Secret Santa may end by Christmas but loving and caring for each other can be our greatest asset in 2021. Let’s stay connected and stay encouraged!

Merry Christmas,

Kathy Campbell


God is working and wants to use YOU! This amazing truth began to take root and grow in me 14 years ago when God put people in my life who faithfully invited me into a relationship through events of common interest. They showed kindness and genuine interest in me and through those relationships I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. Because God pursued me through people and events, I am highly motivated to allow Him to use me and have found joy in serving with the Outreach team at Frontline Bible Church.

Recently God provided me a great opportunity through this team to organize an event that sought to build relationships and be a blessing to the businesses around Frontline. As you know, we invited all of you to participate with us in baking Christmas goodies that were delivered on Monday, Dec. 14 to all the businesses on Pfeiffer Farms Dr. as well as the Post Office, Fire Department and Police Department. I’m so thankful that God provided this way for the entire body to be involved in Outreach. Sometimes we may think that Evangelism and Outreach are only for those gifted with those gifts, but this event provided proof that God uses all skills and gifts for His glory. Your baking was used for outreach! Your cookies may change a life for eternity!

I’d like to think that just as God used his disciples and food to bless 5000 people, He will be faithful and use our baked goods in a way that brings Him glory. God doesn’t want us to stop there, He wants to use everyone to fulfill His purposes. We are all called to have a heart for others. No matter your skill set, Spiritual gifts, or interests, God is ready and willing to use you to reach others for Jesus Christ. I’ve found it pure joy that He could use me just as I am and I invite you to join us on the Outreach team as we seek to join God in His mission in the world. Come just as you are and be used of God.

Merry Christmas,

Anthony Beaulieu


Feeling Low
A new adventure to get me moving spiritually happened over the course of a few months. By summer, my energy remained low, my motivation was practically nil, did only what was necessary each day, and my spiritual life felt distant. I thought it was a slump due to COVID-19 and mild depression, possibly. Summer activities such as camping, sitting at a favorite beach and swimming did little to energize.

Physical Issue
After attending a couple of graduation open houses August 1st, I noticed discomfort in my abdomen, thinking maybe it was digestive issues (even though that was never an issue before). By August 12, it increasingly worsened. On August 13, I was able to get the last appointment of the day at 4:15 at the doctor’s office. After the examination, it confirmed my suspicion of acute appendicitis. This began my whirlwind adventure.

Ambulance Ride and Surgery
The lab was already closed at the Mercy Health Rivertown Office, so I went to the Mercy Health Emergency Department South Campus. Tests confirmed that it was, indeed, acute appendicitis, and a larger than normal appendix. An ambulance ride transfer to Mercy Health Downtown Grand Rapids followed. I was admitted and assigned a room in the Lacks Cancer Center area of the hospital. Plans for surgery were uncertain – that evening or Friday. Later that evening, plans for surgery were on for Friday sometime. Early morning I was told surgery would be at 1 PM, and informed John (husband). Then surgery plans suddenly changed. I was being prepared for surgery and taken to the pre-op area about 10:00 AM. I hastily asked the Nurse to please inform John.

God Went before Me
The surgeon, Dr. Eric Mitchell, explained details of the surgery, and then asked if I knew a “Melinda Orr in Byron Center.” I said, “You mean Melinda Orr Lowder?” He shared that Melinda has been giving piano lessons to their son for the past three years! This was the beginning of God’s orchestration! He continued explaining the surgery, at which point I said to do whatever it takes to remove the appendix because there were many people praying for Him. His answer was that he was a Christian too and likes to pray with patients before surgery. Could he pray for me now? Absolutely, and God gave me the peace that passes all understanding at that moment for the surgery and hospitalization.

Physical and Spiritual are Related
The surgery lasted longer than anticipated. As Dr. Mitchell explained later, my appendix had been “brewing” and was almost three times larger than it should have been. It was also attached to the lower part of the colon. Not only was the appendix removed, but also 12 inches of my colon! Who knew, but God that this would be the cause and result of my low energy, motivation and seemingly spiritual issues. Recuperation in the hospital had its ups and downs, but God was there. I was flat on my back. Melinda visited me on Saturday and shared with me all of the details, including the fact that Dr. Mitchell was not the surgeon scheduled. It was another one of his associates who was tied up on another case. So, he volunteered, saying that he had the time! I guess that may have been the reason for the change in time. All I know is that he was hand-picked by God just for me. The assurance of God’s loving care flooded my soul during this surgery and hospitalization. My spiritual life came back with a fresh new fervor, knowing God was going to use this experience for my good and His Glory.

Keep Sharing Your Testimony
On Monday, August 17, Dr. Mitchell came at 9 AM. He introduced himself, saying I do not know if you remember me or not. I replied, “Remember you? I have been thanking God for you all weekend.” We then had a wonderful spirit-filled conversation. I mentioned that I had shared the story of how he knew my daughter, he was the replacement surgeon, etc. He said to keep on sharing my testimony. Then asked if I wanted to go home. Absolutely, I did and plans were made to be discharged later that day.

No Evidence of Cancer
Two weeks later at my post-op appointment with Dr. Mitchell, the biopsy details were known of the appendectomy/colectomy. It revealed there was a mild form of cancer inside the appendix, and further testing needed to be done. A full chest CT scan was ordered and completed. The final pathology report revealed no evidence of cancer, and all 24 lymph nodes were clear. As a precaution, another full chest CT scan will be done in six months, and another in August, 2021. As of today, my recovery continues, but my energy level, motivation and spiritual life is moving in a positive direction.

God is in Control
Be encouraged and never, ever doubt God’s Sovereignty in your life. This was only the beginning of my new adventurous journey! During the quiet times of my hospital stay, the Lord through my devotions, prayer and scripture re-directed a decision I had made regarding part-time employment. That decision was wrong for me, so I sent an email that weekend explaining the reasons for withdrawing my application. Whatever God had planned for my future, part-time employment or not, He was in control. I relinquished my desires and surrendered my life to Him again.

His Love… Our Messiah
Thoughts from a recent devotional blessed me, and pray they do the same for you. God’s LOVE will lift you up out of any pit that you may face. His LOVE will lead you through wilderness times. His LOVE will protect you through the Storm. His LOVE will go before you. His LOVE will crush every giant that stands in your way. There is nothing that can defeat HIM. Nothing can outrank HIM. His LOVE can break any struggle and stronghold. HIS LOVE STANDS FOREVER. This LOVE came down that first Christmas Day ~ God’s Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Dawn L. Orr