“BON BINI KAS” – Welcome Home!

Curacao and Bonaire are both incredible places to visit, and the number of cruise ships coming here almost every day proves that.

The weather is incredible, if you like it a little hot. In fact, we joked that there really would be no need for a weather person here. It is sunny and warm… every day… except for maybe a passing shower that lasts a minute or two. There’s a lot to be said for escaping a cold winter.

The ocean draws most people here though. With an average water temperature of 82 degrees, it always feels great to jump in and swim. And the sea life is superb! You can see unbelievable coral formations and marine life is spectacular and abundant.

When we would tell people that we felt called to come here… during the Michigan winter months…many would smile and often remark, “I’m sure you feel called there”, because this is what they have in mind. But our trip here was SO much more than that.

We discovered very quickly not just the incredible people who live and work here but also the endless opportunities for ministering to people. Behind the beauty and warmth of the island and the people is a LOT of brokenness, hopelessness and spiritual need. Our mission was to partner as a family with the existing missionaries and church leaders here on the islands to bring training and equipping for greater health and growth. And what an amazing time we had working on this mission!

We made it our goal to do as much life and ministry together AS A FAMILY as we could, which meant we ate together, prayed together, laughed together, acted like tourists together and just enjoyed being a family on mission together. But it also meant we used our family to intentionally make an impact on others. Whether it was having
guests in our home for a meal, weekly game nights, a weekend youth retreat, climbing mountains, setting up and tearing down or serving together during the Sunday services, we did it together. And it made an impact not just on others but also on us.

We had the privilege of meeting some amazingly gifted and committed church leaders and missionaries during our time here. Pastor Roy and Martina Everts and Pastor Rensley and Natasja Lauffer lead the Grace Connection Church in Curacao and Pastor Michael and Sandra Look lead the Iglesia Biblica Church. These leaders tirelessly serve week in and week out while receiving little or no financial compensation from the church.

Carlos and Denise Brunk are missionaries in Bonaire, and what a joy it was to serve alongside and learn from them as they lead Ministerio de Grasia Bonaire. We couldn’t help but be inspired by their passion for prayer and their commitment to minister no matter who showed up. These leaders and their churches welcomed, accepted and loved us as much as we loved them. Lord willing the investments made in their lives through doing life together and through various training and equipping opportunities will result in a God-sized spiritual harvest for many years to come. But for now we have the satisfaction of knowing we were part of what God is doing in Curacao and Bonaire, whatever the end result may be.

Huge thanks to Frontline Bible Church for SENDING us on this mission adventure! Not every church could or would agree to do something like this, but YOU DID! THANK YOU!! May God bless Frontline in every way for taking this risk. And our humblest appreciation goes to everyone who contributed financially to make this mission trip possible. Your gifts, whether small or large, allowed us to impact countless lives and you were part of each one. MASHA DANKI!!!

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your Name goes all the glory for Your unfailing love and faithfulness.” Psalm 115:1 NLT