Lowder Mission Trip

Lowder Mission Trip

22 hours. 29 minutes. We never thought this time would come but it’s finally here! We are so excited to see what God has planned for our family on this mission trip but we’re definitely going to miss our family and friends (and pup Olive🐾)! However, as Pastor John spoke in his sermon this morning, we are looking forward to “making God’s story OUR story.” We are to know the stories of God’s faithfulness in our lives and trust in the Holy Spirit to give us the words to say as we share our stories with others! I’m so excited to be living examples of Joshua 24:15b – “But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” (NLT)

Our “Commissioning Service” was absolutely amazing and the medley we sang tugged on my heartstrings so much but was exactly what I needed before leaving our church family for six months! So many tears of joy, sadness, excitement and thankfulness rolled down my cheeks as I sang my heart out to these blessed hymns that each mean so much to me! “I Surrender All” ~ “I Exalt Thee” ~ “How Great Thou Art” 🙏 THANK YOU all so very much for your continued support and prayers! I look forward to sharing our adventure with you all and trust that the Holy Spirit is going to come alive in each of us as we share God’s faithfulness in the Caribbean! ❤️

In His Service ~ Melinda

The Lowder Family is following a stirring from God and preparing for a family mission trip November 7, 2022–April 17, 2023. They will work with Grace Ministries International (GMI) team members Carlos and Denise Brunk, on the islands of Bonaire and Curaçao in the southern Caribbean Sea. CLICK HERE to read more about this adventure.

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    Hi Lowder family!! Praying with excitement as you discover all God has been preparing for you and preparing you for! Looking forward to hearing the Stories of Impact!!

    — Trusting Him!
    Vicki D.

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