If you are ready to resume gathering at church, please join us. Service will begin 10:25 am. Plan to come a little early so we have time to seat everyone with appropriate distancing. Some of you are not yet able or comfortable in attending a service and you should not feel in any way as if that is a bad thing. We will continue to offer online services [find the link under the WATCH menu or directly watch on the FBC YouTube Channel] and we hope that those who are not present physically will still be present virtually. Our hope is that you will feel comfortable to worship where you are!

For those of you considering attending in person, know that we are requiring the practice of social distancing in order to best protect everyone present. We need to ensure that we are able to maintain a calm and orderly flow into and out of the building. To that end, be prepared to follow directions and to be respectful of those around you. It is anticipated that additional time will be needed to get everyone seated and we plan to start the service on time, so please come early.

Please also know that there are a limited number of seats available due to the requirement of social distancing; if we reach our capacity, please understand that we will not be able to allow additional people into the building. If you can’t be seated, there will be FM transmission [95.9 FM] available within the parking lot if you desire to stay, but please accept our limitations and respect our need to avoid overcrowding.

If you feel at all uncertain of your health or are vulnerable because of a medical condition or age, please worship from home; there will be some measure of unavoidable risk associated with attending a service. We believe that by following the guidelines and maintaining social distance, the greatest risk you will experience in attending a service will occur on the road, driving to church. Nevertheless, low risk is not zero risk; please take that into your consideration.

Ultimately, our primary aim is to keep the environment as safe as possible as we come together as brothers and sisters in Christ to worship Him, give thanks for all He has done for us, and to learn, grow, and become equipped together as a body. If you come, please do your part to help us keep the church a safe place and prepare your heart for worship.

In His Service and on behalf of the Board,
Corey Johnson
When you arrive, please notice the blue tape indicating social distancing upon entering. You will be greeted at the door and lead to your seats. 
Sanitization stations are available for you to sanitize your hands.
Drinking fountains will not be available.
Every other row is blocked, to allow for social distancing. Families will be seated together with four chairs between each group.
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