Frontline Praise Band

The Frontline Praise Band is dedicated not only to singing songs to Jesus or about Jesus, but to living real lifestyles of worship – because worship is about much more than the Sunday morning church experience; worship is about offering ourselves completely to God to do His will, giving up our bodies to Him as a living sacrifice. It’s all about dying to ourselves and our way of doing things – our own selfish desires and motives – so that the very life of God Himself can live in and through us by His Holy Spirit. It is then that God looks at our worship and is pleased – for this is our spiritual act of worship ( Romans 12:1 ).

Sunday morning worship through music, then, is an outwork expression of the inward working of God. It is an outpouring of our thanksgiving offered to God because of all He’s done for us. Whether sitting reflectively, standing with arms raised, bowing in God’s presence, crying or shouting, all of our actions are a response to God and an offering to Him, motivated by His immense love.