STORAGE AREAS – Storage Area 1 is located in the northeast corner of the Worship Center and used for general storage. Storage Area 2 is located under the stairs to the right side of the east doors going into the All-Purpose Room. Storage Area 3 is located in the closet in the Conference Room. Storage Area 4 is located off of Room 3W and is used for FrontlineKids storage only. And Storage Area 5 is located in the northwest corner of the All-Purpose Room.

    40 Days of Purpose materials1
    Cardboard Boxes for packing and storage1
    Chairs; stacking, dark gray ( 32 )1
    Chairs; stacking, light gray ( 88 )1
    Chairs; stacking, dark gray ( 66 )5
    Chairs; stacking, light gray ( 24 )5
    Charcoal Grills ( 2 )1
    Christmas Trees and Decorations1
    Collection Boxes for for Event Items ( large )1
    Communion items3
    Connection Team items3
    Containers; gray plastic, for storage1
    Easels and White Boards2
    File Cabinet: manuals and miscellaneous documentation1
    Front and Center misc items1
    FrontlineKids supplies4
    Hospitality items3
    Info Center 3-sided metal gridwall1
    Lamps; floor and table1
    Ministry Fair Boards1
    NextSteps items3
    NextSteps miscellaneous items1
    Picures; miscellaneous1
    Project Abba Donation Boxes1
    Signs and Stencils ( Deacons )1
    Signs; miscellaneous2
    Storage Cabinet: flags; FLM event shirts; miscellaneous items1
    Tables; 4' granite ( 4 )2
    Tables; 6' granite ( 2 )2
    Tables; 8' granite Lifetime ( 18 )5
    Tables; 8' granite older ( 7 )5
    Tables; 60" round granite ( 10 )5
    Tables; 60" round wood ( 2 )5
    Table Coverings1
    Taekwando Class items5
    Tables; miscellaneous, disassembled children's5
    Window Coverings for Worship Center1