CHRISTIAN LIVING: Letter to the Exiles. adults, 4W –
A 7-week RightNow Media study ( breaks during the Missions Conference ) facilitated by Mike Riemersma.
Explore how God’s purposes are woven into every area of our lives: family, work, art, charity, education, government, recreation and all creation! The Bible calls us strangers and pilgrims, living in “the now and not yet” of God’s Kingdom on earth. We are also called to be salt and light, to have a transforming presence among our neighbors. Rediscover the role of the church and how our lives lived on earth matter in God’s plan for the world. We invite you to join our friend, Evan Koons as together we explore the deeper meaning of salvation.

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY: Extreme Grandparenting. adults, Conference Room –
An 8-week study by Tim and Darcy Kimmel; facilitated by John and Donna Records.
Grandparenthood is far more than rocking chairs. It is a second chance to do all of the “ought tos” and “should haves” that the busyness and demands of daily parenthood kept you from doing. It is living part of the idealistic dream of parenthood that real life, diapers, soccer practice, dance lessons, and waiting up for teenagers prevented you from doing. Grandparenthood allows you to play a key role in writing the history of a generation that you will someday leave in charge. Come, join us and pass on a great sense of blessing to each one of your grandchildren…and leave a legacy that will go on forever.

BIBLICAL STUDIES: Dispensational Theology. adults, 3E –
A 12-week study with Wade Rustin.
The Bible seems so complex; so hard to figure out. In one place it says you can only eat certain “clean” animals, but another tells us all foods are to be received and eaten with thanksgiving. Are we supposed to keep the Sabbath or not? And what about things like speaking in tongues? Many people struggle with these questions so don’t want to open their Bible and either give up on finding answers, or believe it’s just best to “leave it to the pastor.” But God gave the Bible to everyone and meant for all of us to read and understand it. Recognizing God has had different instructions for His people in different periods of history is known as dispensationalism. Come and grasp the truths of the Bible using a few fundamental principles.

HIGH SCHOOL. co-ed, Room 6E upstairs – with Tina Mattias.

MIDDLE SCHOOL. co-ed, Room 9W upstairs – with Elly Bunch.

THIRD THRU FIFTH GRADE. boys and girls, Room 7W upstairs – with Jeremy Guiterrez, and Kathy Records and Bonnie Guigar assisting.

FIRST AND SECOND GRADE. boys and girls, Room 6W upstairs – with Barb Gowdy and Nan Bunch.

THREE THRU FIVE YEAR OLDS. boys and girls, Room 4E upstairs – with Ryan and Abigal Phillips.

NURSERY is located downstairs, off the main lobby next to our Worship Center – Available for infants and toddlers two years of age and under.

KID’S PRAISE: Children from age 3 through 2nd grade are dismissed from Children’s Church – which takes place during our morning worship – to Kid’s Praise, a ministry offering a brief opportunity to praise God through song. The Kid’s Praise teacher will give them a snack and a chance to use the restroom if needed, and then deliver your children to their Bible Hour classroom – offering you a chance to enjoy your coffee after worship and get to your Bible Hour class in a timely manner. If you would like to pick up your children immediately after morning worship, you are always free to do that.