BEN ANDREWS is a campus minister with His House Christian Fellowship at Western Michigan University. Ben enjoys time with his wife, Kris, and their four children. Ben is an avid disciple. He wants to see people know God better, love Jesus more, and see them connect with others in significant life-giving ways. Ben has an entrepreneurial nature and enjoys putting this to use for God’s Kingdom.

How to Survive / Thrive in a Secular World – Are you experiencing a deep and vibrant walk with God? Do you have a desire to... are you confident in your ability to meet, know, and walk with those who are lost... those who do not walk with Jesus personally? We feel the tension between sacred ( holy ) and secular ( missional ) spaces. How do we do both... and do them well? We have been called to walk close with our God and experience the life change that comes from a relationship with Him. We have been called to be salt and light to a world that so desperately needs Him. Join us as we learn to walk a better path. It may be more simple than we have allowed it to be.

KEVIN DEVRIES – After climbing five of the seven continental summits, skiing to the North Pole, and searching for Noah’s Ark as a Lead Mountaineer in the award-winning documentary FINDING NOAH, Kevin endured divorce, bankruptcy, and loss of home to reach the naked soul of man. Kevin’s story of riches, to rags, to redemption is heart-breaking and life-transforming. Only through understanding God’s grace, “God’s best and brightest idea,” did Kevin find true healing. Today, as an Inspirational Speaker, Kevin ministers to thousands of men, women and students each year at national faith conferences, church services, school chapels, corporate and community events in West Michigan and across the world.

Finding Noah / Finding Grace / Finding Home – God’s glory is secrecy. The glory of man is the search. We’re all Noah searching for the same mystery of grace that filled a man with marvel while mankind drowned in madness. The greatest discovery in life is what you find when you are looking for something else. This inspiring session will help you find Noah, find grace and find home so you can live and love from your healed heart.

The Place Where Pain Heals – Healing happens where Christ, as a river, flows into four healing streams: your church; your community; your counsel; and your contemplation. This practical session will help you find this river of Living Water and these four healing streams to heal and ultimately find purpose in your pain.

MATT HAVILAND is the founder and director of A Father’s Walk single dad ministry and the author of two books, including The Daddy Gap. Matt is passionate in helping single fathers remain active in the lives of their children; as well as advocating for mentors for fatherless youth. In his free time Matt enjoys working out and most outdoor recreation. He is a native of Grand Rapids and lives here with his wife and daughter. For more information, please visit A Father’s Walk.

The Fatherless Link to ADHD: Why We Need to Engage Single Fathers – A father’s role in his child’s life has significant impact on their overall academic, social-emotional, and spiritual growth. Recent studies have shown that children growing up without a strong male presence in their lives are often being treated for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD ), when they should possibly be treated for trauma instead. This session will cover the similarities between ADHD and trauma, who a single father is and why he matters, and solid, biblical ways to engage this invaluable ( and often overlooked ) portion of our communities.

BRIAN JOHNSON – Since early adulthood Brian has been a crash test dummy for intentional, biblical manhood. On the journey with him are the love of his life, Amanda, and their three homeschooled kids. With a degree in Engineering and an MBA in Supply Chain Management, Brian works an everyday job in the automotive industry. An innovative thinker and leader, Brian has spent the past decade directing the men’s ministry at Frontline Bible Church. His great calling is to equip men for maximum eternal impact!

When God Doesn’t Make Sense – If you are like me, you’ve faced your share of obstacles. You’ve seen disappointments arise, detours emerge, and maybe even dreams die. As manly followers of Christ, how do we navigate life when these hit? From one who has walked this path, come get real life solutions for finding the way when life goes sideways...

JOHN RECORDS holds a Bachelors of Theology from Grace Bible College ( 1973 ); was ordained by the Grace Gospel Fellowship in 1975; and holds a Masters from Moody Graduate School ( 1996 ). He has pastored churches in three churches over his 43 years of ministry – in Oshkosh, Wisconsin; Olney, Illinois, and Midland, Michigan – before he and his wife, Donna, retired to the Grand Rapids area in 2016 to be near one of their grandchildren. He has become the adult Bible Hour Director for Frontline Bible Church, and carried on pastoral care while their lead pastor was on sabbatical. John’s focus has been to the seniors and grandparents in the church, with a desire to begin a grandparenting ministry.

Leaving a Legacy: Intentional Retirement and Grandparenting – An intentional Christian is not just someone young. What does intentional mean as we reach retirement? As we look at the grandchildren? We will consider the biblical applications to these questions and more, with some guidelines to help us keep being intentional.

SCOTT ROLFF has been serving in pastoral ministry since 1983, training and equipping thousands of leaders with his focus on leadership and disciplemaking. It’s with this passion he founded Ministry Coaching, Multiplying Disciples Inc. ( MCMD ) in June 2010. As president, he oversees the vision and he lives out the mission – developing healthy leaders and ministries ( Luke 6:39-40 ). Prior to launching MCMD, Scott served on staff with four churches and one para-church ministry, each ministry drastically different from one another. Scott has served in small and midsize congregational churches, as well as mega churches. He has the ability to see ministry from many different perspectives, including a church plant. He has been a close confidant to many top leaders from all walks of life. Scott’s greatest enthusiasm comes, not from what he has done, but what the Lord has done in his life. One of his favorite scriptures is Romans 11:36 “From Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.” Scott received his pastoral and theological training from Grace Bible College and his Masters in Business, specializing in Organization and Leadership Development, from Cornerstone University. Scott and DeeDee have been married since 1986, raised three children, and reside in Bath, Michigan.

Wild Horses – Can the same forces that drive you to porn be your ticket to freedom? This workshop will help you discover how the pursuit to purity is attainable, and enjoyable. Join the journey.

The Secret to True Love – Wish you had one of those marriages that seemed to be, like...awesome? Whether your marriage is in the crapper, or you want to go from an “A” to an “A+” this workshop is a must. You will not hear the old cliches: Try harder; Communicate more; Pray more; or anything about Love Languages. Instead, you will discover insights that will change you life forever, and hopefully your marriage. Even though every couple is different, these truths and practices will help you on your journey. Guaranteed!

JOHN SPOONER holds a pastoral degree in Christian Education and Youth Ministry from Grace Bible College, and has pastored in Altoona, PA, then served as Enrollment Counselor, Dean of Students, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Athletic Director, and Director of Touring Groups while teaching numerous courses at GBC before resigning to work in a local business. This was truly an act of God’s grace since John had been served divorce papers, became the sole parent of two children and didn’t feel ministry was an option anymore. After a season of despair and repair, President Ken Kemper gave John an opportunity to get back into ministry at Grace as Director of Campus Ministries and Enrollment Counselor. John again served as Head Women’s Volleyball Coach and Director of Traveling Ministry Teams while teaching several courses. He has a deep passion and heart for youth ministry, and was greatly blessed to find that again at Grace Bible College. While his passion for youth has not diminished, John found even more of God’s grace in accepting the role of Lead Pastor at Rush Creek Bible Church in Byron Center in 2013. He is married to Vicki ( Renberg ), has two daughters and a son, and 13 grandchildren. He continues to speak at youth camps and retreats around the country.

Idols – What are idols? Why do they have such an insatiable hold on our lives? Worship takes on a whole new perspective when you consider idols in our lives and what they mean to us. The battle for our hearts is a daily struggle. Are we truly honest about idols in our lives and how we gain victory? What you worship most is your god! – John Piper. Where idols ultimately kill pleasure, God fulfills it. – Jud Wilhite. The opposite of Christianity is not atheism but idolatry. – Peter Kreft. Idolatry isn’t just one of many sins; rather it’s the one great sin that all others come from. – Kyle Idleman. And Galatians 2:20 speaks not about self-improvement, but of dying to the old-self and seeing the life-changing power of Christ forming in us.

CURTIS THOMPSON is the Adult Ministries Pastor for Kentwood Community Church in Kentwood. He oversees the spiritual formation of congregants from ages 18 and older through their participation in life groups, classes, programs and events. As a faith based consultant, Curtis has provided comprehensive strategic planning and social engagement with faith-based organizations, churches and ministries for various corporate entities. In addition, as a Missional Coach, he has provided professional collaborative services on several church consultations for churches. Curtis has a passion for his wife, Meochia, and five kids, and the people of God. He is dedicated to transforming lives by teaching and preaching that an intimate holistic relationship with God is the most important relationship in our lives.

The Blended Family Experience – A strong, stable blended family is as capable of nurturing healthy development as a nuclear biological family. What is crucial to the survival of blended families is that they learn to bring union out of diversity. Each family member needs to feel respected, loved and included. Learn effective life managing skills that can help a couple put their marriage on the path to a happy ending.

COLE WILLIAMS is the CEO and Founder of “Son To A Father” and “Cole Speaks”, which are organizations that work to empower and restore relationships between teens and their parents. Cole has developed curricula and workshops that explore the journey of family-hood. Cole is a motivational speaker, trainer, facilitator, mentor, community leader and most importantly – a father. His most recent work has been dedicated to providing fatherhood training, support, and materials for the Michigan Adolescent Pregnancy and Prevention Program ( MI-APPP ) as well as penetrating the culture of the Kent County Juvenile Detention Center, where he also provides life skills and leadership development to incarcerated youth throughout Kent County. Additionally, Cole and his sons teach inside one of Michigan’s correctional facilities where they provide a Father and Son Parenting Enrichment Workshop Series for incarcerated fathers. Mr.Williams was one also of the winning recipients of the “Diversity Award” given by Wedgwood Christian Services on June 1, 2016.

Superhero’s Don’t Always Wear Capes – This workshop will explore the natural superpowers a father’s presence can have on the lives of his child(ren). We will unpack all the amazing capabilities a father has when he is actively engaged emotionally, physically, and spiritually with his child(ren). This workshop will also provide men with a better understanding of not only the power of a father’s presence, but also the depths and risks that children will take in a pursuit to wear the mask of their fathers.