May 21st –
    Door Greeter: Lynn Thomas
    Host: Kathy Campbell, Kathy Domsic, Rachel Heyboer, and Veniis Matthews
    Connection Family: Greg and Nan Bunch, Mike and Amy Riemersma, and KJ and Danielle Taylor
    May 28th –
    Door Greeter: Lynn Thomas
    Host: Kathy Domsic, Veniis Matthews, Lauren Riemersma, and Mike Riemersma
    Connection Family: James and Samantha Deppe, KJ and Danielle Taylor, and Mike and Tracy Wolf

As always, if you aren't available for a date you're scheduled, please see if you can find someone to cover for you; and then if you can't, please let Rachel Heyboer know – ( 616 ) 335-1932.

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