What do you enjoy most about youth group?

I really enjoy when we play laid back games like spoons or other things like that. I also like when we go out to events outside of the church. I like interactive lessons, too. – Jared L.

I really like events, and playing dodgeball, and the food, and SkyZone. – Jagger W.

Mall Hunt. Kids speaking. Outdoor games. – Zach M.

For the past couple of years my family has started going to a different church. Since i grew up here, I continue to go to youth group here. At my church, i don't really know anyone my age. So youth group at Frontline is where I feel comfortable and have friends. – Taylor P.

I like when we play games and how we do a ton of events such as the Winter Retreat at Grace Adventures, the all-nighter, the Mall Hunt, and the girls' weekend. – Mackenzie B.

I enjoy the fellowship and the games. The events are usually really awesome. – Ben M.

I enjoy the games and getting to know new people. I like the camping like the Winter Retreat. – Emily M.

I enjoy coming to youth group because it gives me a place to have fun and be myself. – Mike N.

I like the games alot. – Garrett

Snacks. Games. Soccer. High school students / leaders. SkyZone. Tina, Johnny, Caleb, NOT AUBREE :) – Justin R.

FrontlineYouth Leaders: Director of Youth Ministry Caleb Grund, Associate Director of Youth Ministry Nathan Campos, Senior High: Johnny Mattias, Tina Mattias, and Aubree Domsic :) Junior High: Jesse Campbell, and Samantha Smith.

What do you enjoy most about youth group?

MY favorite part of working in youth group is simply being able to experience life with these kids. It is awesome to see them grow up in their relationship with God each year. Youth group helped me grow up so much as a teenager, and I want to be able to have that impact on them. – Jesse

I love to interact and become connected to our students. Being able to watch them change and grow in their faith is a privilege. Being able to hangout with them and be a part of their lives is the highlight of my weekends. – Caleb

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