What I enjoy most about youth group is... • My greatest challenge is...

The games and learning about topics during the lesson related to my life at that time. • I have a difficult time putting God first in the things that I do. – Justin

game time. connecting with people. lessons. • reading my Bible. trusting in God through my struggles in life. – emily

That we do something fun every time. And that we have fun events like the Mall Hunt, and the Cook-Off. • Dealing with the loud noises and ( name :) screaming like a little girl with bronchitis. Please hit puberty. – Logan

Playing games with the leaders. • Making friends at church. – Garrett

The friendships and fellowship with the leaders. • Being patient. – Jared

The lessons and learning more and more meaningful / memorable lessons. • My sportsmanship and keeping a relationship with Christ. – Jagger

The opportunity to minister to the youth in my church: building relationships, encouraging, challenging them spiritually and sharing my past experiences to help them with their current experiences. – Tina

I enjoy seeing kids make the decision to change from a "normal" middle schooler to a growing, mature follower of Christ. • Being patient enough to let God do His work through the students. – Jesse

How we can have a conversation with other people about God. • To spread the Word of God. – Mackenzy

Friends. Games. • Talking about God. – Kyle

Games. • Staying on task. – Eli

Talking. God. Nate is cool :) • Not talking. – Tim ( as written by Andrew )

Hanging out with friends. • Spending time with God. – Andrew

Being around new people. • Public speaking. – Caleb

game time – Aspen

The people encourage me to grow socially. The lessons encourage me to grow spiritually. The games encourage me to grow physically. • Talking with kids my age / around my age in middle school. – Sophie

Hanging with my church family. Jumping in the Bible. Being open about Christanity. • Spreading the gospel. Daily time with God and the Word. – Kara

I like hanging with friends and learning more about God. • To talk to my principal about the rule of God. – Sydney

FrontlineYouth Leaders: Senior High – Caleb Grund, Director of Youth Ministry, Aubree Domsic, Johnny Mattias, and Tina Mattias. Middle School – Jesse Campbell, Interm Associate Director of Youth Ministry, Elly Bunch, Ben Moore, and Samantha Smith.