NextStep Studies –

DAVID, Seeking a Heart Like His
A 12-session study;
Tuesday mornings, 9:00 am at Frontline Bible Church;
facilitated by Lynden Berkimer and Sammi Deppe.

Tuesday evenings, 6:00 pm at Frontline Bible Church;
facilitated by Tiffany Huff.
In this examination of the “man after God's own heart,” David will delight and disappoint you. You'll want to be just like him at times and nothing like him at others. If you've ever experienced doubts, temptations, losses, family problems, or personal inconsistencies, this study is for you!

Every third Thursday, 9:00 to 11:00 am at Frontline Bible Church;
led by Abigail Phillips.
Chat & Play is a time when moms can bring their children ( age 6 and under ) for a time of Chatting ( for the moms ) and Playing ( the children ). Invite your mom friends with young children!

Connection Events –

Thursday, November 9;
contact Maryedith Rasmusson.
Time and craft to be announced.

Friday, November 17, 5:45 to 7:00 pm at Grace's Table;
contact Kathy Campbell.
There are THREE ways to help. 1.) Prepare food but not attend; 2.) Attend and help serve food ( and bring a dish if needed ); or 3.) Help with childcare. Men and young people welcome to help, especially with childcare. Watch for sign-up sheets.

Tuesday, December 6:30 pm;
contact Maryedith Rasmusson.
A popular event where everyone brings five of their SAME favorite thing to share and take home five different gifts. Watch for more details and a sign-up in November.

The FrontlineWomen's Leadership Team is committed to providing opportunities for the women of Frontline to connect and grow as we build relationships with one another, and to dig deeper into God's Word, challenging each other spiritually. We welcome your suggestions and ideas for events, ministries, etc – or if you just want to talk, contact: Kathy Campbell, Director; Kathy Domsic; Maryedith Rasmusson; or Bev Blando.

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