In a world that says it’s all about “me” we’re here to tell you... we believe that’s true. But it’s about the “me” of sacrifice, not selfishness; the “me” of response, as in response to God; response to grace; response to adversity and challenge – not the “me” of self-reason, self-evaluation or self-gratification. And we call ourselves Frontlinemen – there’s no such thing as a Frontlineman – because we know as a man alone we don’t stand a chance. We’re in a WAR, waging active resistance against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms and we dare not fight alone. Join us...

Ready to go deeper? Ask us about one of our NextStep Discipleship Groups; a small band of brothers going to WAR.

FrontlineMen Leadership Team: Brian Johnson; Pastor John Lowder; Lynn Thomas; and Randy Campbell

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