No doubt you will have questions ( that's why you are looking at this page, right? ). Check out the following FAQ. Hopefully, this will answer many of your questions.

The celebration of communion is part of the life and worship at Frontline. We typically celebrate communion four times a year but we don’t necessarily designate a particular Sunday(s). We believe in open communion; anyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior is welcome to take communion, whether they are a church member at Frontline or not.
We are non-denominational. However, we are affiliated with the Grace Gospel Fellowship, an association of churches and organizations committed to Working Together to Advance the Grace of God and Impact the World for Christ.
You're searching our website. That's a start. You can also find a Connection Team member on Sunday mornings before or after the service. They will be wearing the multi-colored "hand print" name tags ( like in our Connection logo at the top of this page ), and will either answer your questions or put you in touch with someone who can.
One way to get involved at Frontline is to participate in programs and ministries designed to help you personally grow spiritually and relationally. You could also serve as part of a team that will help others to grow spiritually and relationally. True involvement will require participation in both areas.
We differentiate between serving AT Frontline and serving ON your Frontline. Serving at Frontline focuses on serving either at the church or serving the body of believers who attend Frontline. Serving on your Frontline focuses on serving those who are not ( or not yet ) part of our Frontline Family. To see how you can be involved, visit our Service page for more information.
We encourage every person to use their gifts and abilities at Frontline and on their frontline. We do recognize, however, that God has called men and women to different roles in ministry leadership.
Frontline practices parent dedication. We encourage parents to make a public declaration of their desire to raise their child(ren) in a Christ-centered home. For more information, contact the church.
Frontline Bible Church performs weddings and funerals, and will at times rent the building for such events. Contact the church for more information.
Based on reports of current and expected weather, a decision will be posted at least one hour before any scheduled event via the Weather Closing link on our website, Facebook, WOOD TV8, WZZM 13, and FM 91.3 WCSG.