BIBLE BASICS: Galatians. co-ed, Worship Center – taught by John Records. Each week stands alone, and you can join us at anytime.

THE LINK: "Watch Your Mouth". co-ed, Room off the kitchen – with Melinda Lowder. Video series by Dr. Tony Evans, with discussion.

C4. College-age Young Adults, Room 4W upstairs – with Corey Johnson. A community where young adults are challenged to explore what it means to live authentically as followers of Jesus Christ.

HIGH SCHOOL. co-ed, Room 6E upstairs – with Tina Mattias.

MIDDLE SCHOOL. co-ed, Room 9W upstairs – with Nathan Campos, Jesse Campbell, and Samantha Smith.

THIRD THRU FIFTH GRADE. Boys and Girls, Room 7W upstairs – with Jackie Moore.

FIRST AND SECOND GRADE. Boys and Girls, Room 6W upstairs – with Barb Gowdy.

THREE THRU FIVE YEAR OLDS. Boys and Girls, Room 4E upstairs – with Rose Holben.

NURSERY is located downstairs, off the main lobby next to our Worship Center – Available for infants and toddlers two years of age and under.

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