FRAMEWORK: Our Story ( Dispensations ). co-ed, Worship Center – team taught by John Lowder and Ben Huff. For anyone who wants to understand the framework of the Bible, how God deals with different people at different times, and how he deals with us today. Understand how we fit into the framework and God’s overall plan.

THE LINK. co-ed, Room 2S – with Bryan and Meg Vos, and Blake and Lyndon Berkimer. This is THE LINK between connecting your Bible to real life and connecting with other people at Frontline. We’ll utilize short, topical videos accompanied by a discussion of relevant Bible passages, and leave time to pray for and make connections with one another. We hope you’ll join us!

C4. College-age Young Adults, Room 4W upstairs – with Corey Johnson. A community where young adults are challenged to explore what it means to live authentically as followers of Jesus Christ.

HIGH SCHOOL. co-ed, Room 6E upstairs – with Dwayne Huff.

MIDDLE SCHOOL. co-ed, Room 9W upstairs – with Jill Anderson and Gretchen Johnson.

THIRD THRU FIFTH GRADE. Boys and Girls, Room 7W upstairs – with Jackie Moore.

FIRST AND SECOND GRADE. Boys and Girls, Room 6W upstairs – with Barb Gowdy.

THREE THRU FIVE YEAR OLDS. Boys and Girls, Room 4E upstairs – with Rose Holben.

NURSERY is located downstairs, off the main lobby next to our Worship Center – Available for infants and toddlers two years of age and under.

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