CHRISTIAN LIVING: Intersect. adults, Conference Room –
A 5-week RightNow Media study from Rob Peabody and Chis Rogers; facilitated by Melinda Lowder.
Intersect is a useful tool for those in the church to use as they seek to engage those outside of it with the love and message of Jesus. Starting spiritual conversations in this context can feel intimidating, but this resource can be easily shared with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family members. The video stories give platform to meaningful conversation, and the questions lead the way through the topic. Our hope is that through these stories your faith and understanding will grow, and you will discover where your story and God’s story converge.

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY: The Talk. adults, 4W –
A 5-week study from with Mike Bolthouse from the Pregnancy Resource Center; facilitated by Kathy Campbell.
The Talk is a tool designed to enlighten, educate, and train parents to have critical discussions with their children regarding sex. It will help parent’s facilitate dialogue, connect with their kids, and help them make wise life choices. The battle for our children’s hearts, minds, and purity though largely cultural, is ultimately a spiritual one. We would love to have you joins us as we learn together.

BIBLICAL STUDIES: The Testimony of Creation. adults, Worship Center –
A 5-week study from with Corey Johnson.
The Apostle Paul tells us that evidence for the Creator is clearly seen in His Creation and has been since the beginning. All men are without excuse: the Testimony of Creation is undeniable ( Romans 1:20 ). Why then do so many learned people assert that the opposite is true; that a Creator doesn’t exist and we are the result of random variations in natural processes accumulating over time? They call it the Fact of Evolution and no dissent from it is deemed intelligible because, they say, the evidence is undeniable. This class will critically assess these positions – created on one side and evolved on the other – and ask what would need to be observed in the world around us for either position to be true…and what do we actually find when we gather the evidence. We’ll also look at the state of the debate, how we got here and what’s at stake going forward.

HIGH SCHOOL. co-ed, Room 6E upstairs – with Tina Mattias.

MIDDLE SCHOOL. co-ed, Room 9W upstairs – with Jesse Campbell.

THIRD THRU FIFTH GRADE. boys and girls, Room 7W upstairs – with Jeremy Guiterrez, and Kathy Records and Bonnie Guigar assisting.

FIRST AND SECOND GRADE. boys and girls, Room 6W upstairs – with Barb Gowdy and Nan Bunch.

THREE THRU FIVE YEAR OLDS. boys and girls, Room 4E upstairs – with Ryan and Abigal Phillips.

NURSERY is located downstairs, off the main lobby next to our Worship Center – Available for infants and toddlers two years of age and under.

KID’S PRAISE: Children from age 3 through 2nd grade are dismissed from Children’s Church – which takes place during our morning worship – to Kid’s Praise, a ministry offering a brief opportunity to praise God through song. The Kid’s Praise teacher will give them a snack and a chance to use the restroom if needed, and then deliver your children to their Bible Hour classroom – offering you a chance to enjoy your coffee after worship and get to your Bible Hour class in a timely manner. If you would like to pick up your children immediately after morning worship, you are always free to do that.

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